CorrectEnglish® is the #1 spelling & grammar tool for writing

Everyone loves to use CorrectEnglish® because it instantly checks and corrects your work for thousands of grammar, punctuation, contextual, and spelling mistakes while you work in a browser. Make sure everything you write shows off your excellent writing skills.

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Save time and money by having all the resources you need in one place. It's all right there in your browser allowing you to write on-the-fly while CorrectEnglish® corrects errors and gives you feedback. From spelling to formatting, CorrectEnglish® has you covered.

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CorrectEnglish® is the most advanced writing tool powered by AI

CorrectEnglish® provides you with instant feedback on the overall quality of your writing and the following key traits: focus, organization, content, and language use. Only CorrectEnglish® uses Artificial Intelligence to provide you with this unparalleled insight.

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  • CorrectEnglish® is a powerful online proofreading tool

    CorrectEnglish® is a browser tool that identifies corrections on-the-fly. You will be instantly notified about suggested corrections for grammar, punctuation, and typos while you are working on a resume, email, social media post, or anything else you write in your browser.

  • Write confidently everywhere with CorrectEnglish®

    CorrectEnglish helps you create mistake-free writing on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you write on the web. It will instantly check your work against over 63,000 advanced grammar rules, check for contextual spelling errors, and recommend word substitutions that will improve readability.

  • Spelling

    Make sure everything you write on the web is free of spelling errors!

  • Context

    Always communicate clearly and effectively in everything you write.

  • Subject/verb agreement

    CorrectEnglish® helps you improve your proficiency in writing in English.

  • Word Suggestions

    Give everything you write, from emails to social posts, that extra pizzazz.

  • Get all the tools you need

    Meet Bob. Bob is a project manager who does a lot of writing as part of his job. Using the CorrectEnglish® plug-in makes Bob's job much easier because he gets on-the-fly writing feedback while he works.

    Bob can quickly write emails, project plans, and even social posts that are powerful, mistake-free, and engaging.

  • Stand out from the crowd with your excellent writing skills

  • Get on-the-fly writing feedback while you work

  • Create documents that are free of mistakes and easy to read

  • Get your writing proofread instantly right in the browser

  • Improve the quality of your writing skills and build confidence

  • Always look polished and professional wherever you write on the web

  • Save time and money by having all the resources you need in one place

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  • Write Mistake-Free Virtually Everywhere On The Web - Free Forever Up To 125 Words
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  • CorrectEnglish ® Will Check Your Writing Instantly Against Over 63,000 Grammar Rules
  • Proper Punctuation, Clauses, Context, Spelling & More
  • Word Suggestions To Improve Everywhere You Write
  • Is English Your Second Language? CorrectEnglish Checks For Common ESL Errors To Improve Your English

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